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A few articles of mine

      1. Messages from Mary: Man's claims draw crowds, skeptics--Boston Globe (front page)--3/31/2000

      2. Skating on thin ice: It used to be that winter meant gliding on frozen ponds, but recent warming and commercial rinks have changed the tradition--Boston Globe (front page--Metro section)--1/9/2000

     3. Letter of legend is read between the lines--Boston Globe --7/21/1999

     4. Days of infamy: War's siege on Italians--Boston Globe--9/24/2000

      5. Tennis losing its bounce; Other activities seem more alluring to youngsters--Boston Globe--5/14/2000

    6. A history of smoking in Boston, chapter and verse--Boston Globe--10/4/1998

      7. Service dogs deliver more than affection: Seizure-alert dogs are more than just pets for those who depend on their dogs to keep them safe, and sometimes, save their lives--Boston Metro Newspaper--7/25/2001

      8. Boston is building it, but will they come? While some believe the new Boston Convention & Exhibition Center will successfully attract visitors, others doubt the projects sensibility and chances for prosperity--Boston Metro Newspaper--6/14/2001

      9. Activists want local fish listed "endangered:" Regulations could hurt our supply of cod and haddock--Massachusetts News--7/2/1999

    10. Good News Is That Bad News Is Wrong: Despite the almost-constant warnings of impending ecological doom, forests in the eastern United States are flourishing and once endangered animals are abundant--Insight Magazine--10/1/2002

    11. Boston Convention Center: Municipal money pits--Reason Magazine--10/2002

    12. Black Hole of Boston: Boston's 'Big Dig' is a wonder of engineering and construction, but even more astounding is the alleged serpentine scandal engaged in by government officials and a world-famous firm with political clout to hide the true cost of the project from American taxpayers--Insight Magazine (cover story)--12/10/2002

   13. Home-Schooled Kids Get Into Harvard And Other Top Massachusetts Schools: Local Home Schoolers Want Values and Morals Taught--Massachusetts News--7/2/1999

   14. Boston's Poor Pay More For Food: Theft and Other Problems Increase Business Costs, Prices--Massachusetts News--8/2/1999

   15. Boston's WGBH Swapped Fund-Raising Lists With the Democratic National Committee: Possible Tax-Law Violation Uncovered by Wellesley Mother--Massachusetts News--7/2/1999

   16. New Balance Employs 475 in Lawrence: Are We Supporting Our Local Workers?--Massachusetts News--10/1/1999

   17. Is the Economy Really 'Booming' in Massachusetts: MIT Professor Lester Thurow Questions Politicians Claims of Economic High Times--Massachusetts News--9/2/1999

   18. Two-Income Families Mother Must Work to Pay the Taxes--Massachusetts News--9/2/1999

   19. PBS' "Teletubbies" Is Harmful To Kids, Not Educational, Say Experts At Harvard: PBS Profits From Teletubbie Merchandise--Massachusetts News--7/2/1999

   21. Massachusetts Businesses Struggling With Regulations on Chemicals: Industry leaders find the current regulatory process overly burdensome and costly--Massachusetts News--11/1/1999

   22. John Forbes Kerry: The perilous political adventurism of the Democratic senator from Massachusetts who is reaching for the presidency may put that office beyond his grasp--Insight Magazine--9/16/2003

   23. General Hypocrite: Wesley Clark Publicly for Privacy, Profits from Patriot Act in the Background--Evote.com--10/1/2003

   24. The Hidden Windfall: How the Bush Family Profits from the Patriot Act--Evote.com--10/23/2003

   25. McCain-Feingold Flop: Despite McCain-Feingold, the Money Keeps Rolling In--Evote.com--12/22/2003

   26. Can Toxins Lead to Healthier Lives? If proved valid, the pioneering research of a respected toxicologist could stand EPA policy on its head and save U.S. taxpayers billions in environmental-cleanup costs--Insight Magazine--1/6/2004

   27. The Voter Vault and Demzilla: Guess Whose Privacy the RNC and DNC are Violating? Yours--Evote.com--3/4/2004

   28. And the Veep Choices Are: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Veepstakes But Were Afraid to Ask--Evote.com--4/12/2004

   29. States Burning Up Litigation Funds: Where There's Smoke There's Fire When It Comes to State Misuse of the Tobacco Windfall--Which Includes Paying Down Deficits and Even Buying Tobacco-Company Stocks--Insight Magazine--5/11/2004

  30. The Gingrich Legacy: Gingrich's Smaller Government, Less Spending Mantra Gone from GOP Playbook--Evote.com--5/18/2004

  31. The PR War: With Eye on E2k4 White House Manipulates Iraq News, Images--Evote.com--5/31/2004

  32. Outsourcing, The Non-Issue Issue of Election 2004--Evote.com--7/13/2004

  33. Lockdown in Beantown: Fort Boston: Freedom Sidelined--Evote.com--7/27/2004

  34. The Stars Hit the Other Stage: Moore and Dean Tear the House Down (Unofficially)--Evote.com--7/29/2004

  35. Black Market Boston: EVOTE.COM'S DNC Frat Boy Guide to the Seedy Fun of Boston!--Evote.com--8/25/2004

  36. No Money Left Behind! The Party of Smaller Government Is Gone Forever--Evote.com--8/5/2004

  37. Give a Dog a Bone: It Ain't No Chicago '68: Protests Planned for NY RNC--Evote.com--8/10/2004

  38. From Harmony to Acrimony: The Rise and Fall of the Kennedy and Bush Relationship--Evote.com--1/12/2005

  36. Growing Government Secrecy: Bush Administration's Habits of Secrecy Unprecedented and Rising--Evote.com--4/27/2005

  39. Non-compete agreements: Are they enforceable? Read this article before signing the next employee contract--Interface Tech News--5/2006

  40. NH's 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year: The Interface Interview--On the eve of the announcement of the NH High Tech Council's 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year, we interview one of the two 2005 winners--Interface Tech News--6/2006

  41. Twenty-first century mill town: Lowell trades textiles for nanotechnology--Interface Tech News--7/2006

  42. Digital TV Transition: What to Expect--Your old TV will still work when analog broadcasts end in 2009, but you'll need a converter box to receive over-the-air programming.--ElectronicHouse.com--6/7/2007

  43. Home Phones Boost Convenience and Coverage: New landline phones are eliminating multiple jacks and solving interference issues--ElectronicHouse.com--7/24/07

  44. The Real Price of Home Satellite Radio: If your home stereo or entertainment system produces top quality sound, then the satellite radio will also. Or will it?--ElectronicHouse.com--8/24/07

  45. Case Study: Advent's Latin American Private Equity Funds--Venture Equity Latin America--1/31/2008

  46. Funds: The View of Two Mexico Fund Managers--Venture Equity Latin America--3/15/08